3 Natural Ways to Treat Insomnia

While it is tempting to run out to the drugstore to purchase an over-the-counter sleep aid when you simply can’t get any rest, this may cause harm to your body. The good news is, there are several natural sleep remedies that are completely safe and that have fewer side effects. Some of these substances not only help you fall asleep, and remain asleep, but also promote muscle relaxation. Learn about three of the most effective, natural cures for insomnia, below:

Calcium and Magnesium

These are both considered sleep boosters. When you take them together, they are even more effective than on their own. Also, when you take magnesium, it can reduce any possible heart issues that may occur after taking calcium by itself. It is recommended that you take up to 200 milligrams of magnesium each night (you can lower the dose if it results in diarrhea) combined with 600 milligrams of calcium.


This is an amino acid that is extracted from green tea. It not only helps to create calm alertness during the day, but also helps you achieve a deeper sleep at night. However, green tea doesn’t have enough of the L-theanine substance to help significantly increase your REM cycles, which may result in you having to get up and use the bathroom. Instead, purchase pure L-theanine and take between 50 and 200 milligrams before you go to bed. There are several brands that have inactive forms of L-theanine, which can block the effectiveness of the substance. This is why it is important to read the ingredients before purchasing.


This is considered one of the most common sleep remedies for treating insomnia. Several studies have proven that valerian can help improve deep sleep, how fast you fall asleep, and the overall quality of your sleep. However, valerian is most effective when you continue using this substance over a longer period. Remember, approximately 10 percent of people who use valerian feel energized, which can cause them to stay awake. If this happens when you take it, it is best to take valerian during the day. If you don’t feel overly energized, then you can take 200 to 800 milligrams before going to bed.

The average person only sleeps six hours and 40 minutes each night, with the average work day being 9.5 hours long. The National Sleep Foundation has made the recommendation that you get seven to nine hours of sleep each night. If this seems impossible for you, then you need to consider using one of these natural remedies for insomnia.