Holistic Health Tips for a More Vibrant You!

As the famous saying goes, “We are what we eat”, we need to be careful about what we let into our body. Food serves as fuel to keep us going with everyday’s activities. However, it’s not only foods that we take that we must put into consideration. Healthy habits are the main reason to keep ourselves healthier, happier, and more active – inside and out. This is what we call holistic health. Your daily routine will help you create a journey to becoming more vibrant , the holistic way!

Morning (Upon Waking Up)

Start your morning with a hot cup of ginger and a pinch of salt. You can also try two sets of 8 ounces of water after waking up. This will help you keep hydrated and awakens every cell in your body. After taking a shower, you can anoint your body with aromatic herbs or ointment to energize your skin and body.

Morning Beauty Routine

Women can have different beauty routines. Some apply moisturizers after washing their face. Always choose products that are gentle and do not contain harmful ingredients. Also, do not forget to have workouts and exercise. Doing so will boost hormones in your body and alkalize the body system. The result: you’ll look and feel good all day!

Lunch (Simple and Healthy)

Prepare and eat lunch that is balanced and healthy. No matter how busy you are, always pay attention and eat proper meals. Include: salad, veggies, greens, proteins, and healthy soup. (Of course, you can have them in variations)

And don’t forget, drink tons of water. This will always be one of the healthiest ways to detoxify your system.


Dinner doesn’t need to be heavy. Always eat a balanced dinner, with more greens, enough protein, and delicious soup. After dinner, relax or do some breathing exercises to calm.

Bedtime Routine

Often, a bedtime routine includes face cleansing and other beauty rituals. You can soak in an aromatherapy bath. Remember that our cells regenerate at night, so it’s best to have a great and restorative sleep.

Vibrant beauty radiates inner health. Each day, it’s important to be happy and never forget the sense of gratitude. Other things you can incorporate with your holistic journey are including Ayurvedic practices, weight loss management, and therapeutic massage. There is so much more to learn about holistic health right here at Body Therapy Center.