The Link Between Muscle Damage and Soda

Are you one of the many people all around the world who drink soda throughout the day? If so, you should be aware that new evidence has been found to support the fact that soda can cause muscle damage. This means in addition to worrying about the extra calories, caffeine, and sugar, you may also be causing irreversible muscle damage each time you pop a top.

The Effect of Excess Soda on Your Muscles

Low potassium levels, officially referred to as hypokalemia, can result in some minor symptoms, such as muscle aches and cramps, or in more serious symptoms, such as paralysis and arrhythmia (irregular heartbeat). The study performed to determine soda’s link to muscle issues determined that people who drank between two and nine liters of soda each day exhibited symptoms of soda-induced hypokalemia.

If a pregnant woman drinks this much soda daily, the effects can be seen on her own body, and in some cases the developing baby, as well. Some of the biggest issues for pregnant women who consume soda regularly include weight loss, fatigue, persistent vomiting, and low potassium levels, all of which can be dangerous for the unborn baby.

How to Restore Proper Potassium Levels to Your Body

Your body gets the potassium it needs by absorbing it from the foods you eat each day. If you are consuming quite a bit of soda each day or believe that you may be low in potassium, you need to take steps to restore healthy levels. This is one of the best ways, besides eliminating soda altogether, to help keep your muscles healthy and pain-free.

Some of the foods you can add to your diet that have high levels of potassium present include fresh fruits, such as apricots, avocados, kiwi, strawberries, oranges, cantaloupe, and bananas; fresh vegetables, such as tomatoes, beets, peas, mushrooms and greens; meats, such as turkey, fish and beef; and natural juices, including grapefruit, apricot, prune and orange.

Steps to Help Break Your Soda Addiction

If you want to make a change, then you have to be dedicated. You have to be willing to make a conscious effort not to drink soda. Some steps that can help you reach this goal include:
• Be dedicated to breaking the habit.
• Don’t opt for diet soda as an alternative.
• Wean yourself away from soda by eliminating some each day.
• Get to know what triggers you to want a soda.

When you put some effort to eliminating soda from your diet, you will reap a number of health benefits, including improved muscle health.