Most Popular Types of Massage

Do you love massage? Who doesn’t? It is not only given to patients to relax but this goes beyond that. It can be a great way to start creating the holistic life you deserve.

To give you further details about massage, below are some of the popular types. For sure, you’ll love them!

Swedish Massage

Most common in the US, Swedish massage mainly focuses on the external muscles gently, that’s why it is enjoyed by many. The therapist creates long strokes, kneads muscles, and makes circles to calm and relieve muscle stress.

Hot Stone Massage

This one is a must-try! This is done by placing heated, smooth stones to specific points on the body. This process helps to loosen tight muscles by warming them. This is also proven to balance energy centers in the body. If you are one of those people who are having muscle tension yet want to experience a lighter massage, than this one is right for you.

Aromatherapy Massage

Including the calming essential oils and aromatic scent of plants and flowers such as lavender, aromatherapy massage is loved by many people because it is relaxing and stress reducing.

Shiatsu Massage

Shiatsu massage is a Japanese way of utilizing local finger pressure on acupuncture points. Each point is pressed for 2-8 seconds to improve the energy flow and achieve balance in the body system. To those who have experienced this, they described it both as firm and relaxing.


Also known as foot massage, reflexology involves application of pressure to specific points on your foot which are connected to each organ in the body. This is relaxing, thus a nice treat for tired feet after a long day of work.

Deep Tissue Massage

As the name suggests, this can be good for painful muscles, postural problems, and those recovering from injuries. A therapist focuses on deeper layers of muscles and connective tissues, and then uses slower strokes on the muscles. With the deep tissue massage, you often will feel sore after the session.

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